Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From Hearings to Hospitals

It's been a somewhat emotional day. Today was the preliminary hearing for the suspect in the murder of our member Dr. Tiller. I watched part of the hearing on the internet and it was just awful to hear all the details again. Two fellow ushers from Dr. Tiller's church, who were eyewitnesses to the murder, testified today. It's still just so sad, and at times I really don't believe it even happened. The trial has been set for the end of September so we shall wait and see...

I also had a lovely chat with my grandmother tonight. She is headed into surgery tomorrow and I'm sad I can't be there. Several years ago when my grandfather had to have heart surgery, I stayed all night at the hospital with my grandmother. We stayed in the waiting room outside the ICU all night, curled up on tiny, uncomfortable couches talking in the dark. Although we were very worried about my grandfather and staying against the advice and wishes of the hospital staff, it was as fun as a night like that could be. It was a rare time in my adult life where I was able to have girl time with her. There was no one else around and she could ask me all kinds of things about my life (I was fresh out of a break up and back from a cross country move that no one in my family really talked about...but that's a whole other story!). I really cherish that night. 

This year on my birthday, inside my card was a letter from my grandmother, which talked about that very night and how much she wished I could be there to do the same thing for my grandfather when she has her surgery this week. I do wish I could be there too. 

She and my grandfather are inseparable. In fact, in more than 50 years of marriage, I think they can count on two hands (if not one) the nights they have spent apart. Hearing her talk tonight about how worried my grandfather is, reminded me how much I wish I had that kind of love in my life. Sure, I've debated the merits of being that dependent on someone. Is it really more love or fear, romantic or pathetic? I see all the sides, but tonight it makes me tear up thinking about how connected they are after all these years. I know so many people who never knew their grandparents and I am so fortunate to have a great relationship with mine. Of all the things I miss in Texas, they are one of the most. 

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