Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yes we can...see Obama!

Driving downtown this evening in search of a parking space, I noticed a crowd gathered outside the back entrance to The Mayflower Hotel. After circling many blocks, and finally finding a space down the street, I joined the assembled onlookers and learned that some of them had been waiting over an hour to catch a glimpse of none other than Barack Obama. So I stood in the rain and luckily only had to wait about five more minutes before he emerged from the side door in an alley, walked past his car and waved to us. The crowd went wild and I found myself cheering and clapping like I was at a football game. Then he drove by and I was about 10 feet away from him. It was great. After the motorcade had left, the crowd of excited strangers was still going, screaming and celebrating and reveling. I know we live in DC and we should all be used to seeing politicians. And I have seen politicians. I have come to ignore all the motorcades here. I have even seen a former president up close and personal, and I wasn’t as excited as I was tonight.

All this and a new Grey’s tonight! Whoop!