Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hey, why not?

Every good buzz has to end. Man, I really hate that! I’ve spent the last week traveling and now the high of seeing great friends and interesting places is slowly giving way to the sobering return of my routine.

I didn’t make any resolutions this year per se, but I did make a list (which I am continually adding to) of things I would like to accomplish or integrate into my life this year. One of those things was to travel more for fun and not just to attend weddings back in Texas. I’ve also been adopting the motto, “why not?” It is just so often the correct response when presented with a new challenge or opportunity.

So I put my money where my mouth is and purchased a ticket to pop down to Austin to see a show with my sister. It all just seemed perfect. A singer/songwriter that my sister and I both love and have seen in concert was playing at my friend’s bar. I just couldn’t pass it up.

I really regret that I didn’t spend more time in Austin when I lived in Texas. Blame my Aggie brainwashing (all that orange hurts my eyes!!!) or my student worker salary or the fact I spent most of my time trekking to Dallas, but I really missed out. I have had such amazing times in my visits to Austin over the last couple of years – just great people and such personality.

Austin alone would be divine, but I decided to couple it with a trip to San Francisco to surprise my best friend for her baby shower. At first it seemed a little crazy and I hate to admit that I felt like I needed someone’s permission before I booked such an itinerary. Then my sister said something great to me, she said having that kind of freedom is “the beauty of my life.” This means a lot coming from my sister because I know she doesn’t aspire to have my kind of life. In fact, she probably sees me as a cautionary tale. However, I do have a flexible job, sustainable income, and no kids or husband to consider so why shouldn’t I just hop on a plane (or several) and go where I want to go? [insert Why not? here]

I must admit it was a great idea and a fabulous time! I was able to see some old friends, including my best friend from junior high school whom I hadn’t seen in 10 years! The show was great and I always have fun with my friends in Austin, including a growing crew of bartenders from DC.

San Fran was great as well and it was lovely to see my friend all glowing and pregnant. I got back on a redeye this morning and should have rested today, but instead I have been fighting sleep like a five-year-old the night before Christmas. I couldn’t help but feel a little let down today when I got home and the party was over. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll shake off this travel hangover and be ready to go full throttle into a short workweek and weekend back in DC!

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...

This note has reached epidemic proportions on Facebook. I've played along and posted it on my profile, but I found it entertaining to compile so I'm including it here as well, sans the Facebook re-posting instructions:

1. I love all things purple – I even have a purple rose tattooed on my lower back.

2. Listening to live music is my idea of a perfect night. I love all kinds. As far as big names go, Dave Matthews is my favorite (yes Tom, I know you don’t approve), but I also drag people to see artists they haven’t heard of yet.

3. To go along with #2, I also have a thing for men who play the guitar.

4. Like several of my ladies have already said, I also can really dance for a white girl. I have my own private dance parties at home…yes sometimes even in front of the mirror.

5. True to my Texas roots, I love Blue Bell Ice Cream, Whataburger, Freebirds, and I put jalapenos on almost everything. I could also eat fajitas and drink margaritas every day.

6. Few things in life affect me like the ocean. I love being by the ocean and have spent some amazing times on beaches with my girlfriends Cory, Nicci, and Shawna. I wish we were better about making the yearly trips we promised we would make when we were 18.

7. I am not a morning person…at all! I really wish I could change that about myself. It’s pretty miserable.

8. I don’t think you need a reason to pop open a bottle of champagne.

9. I am insanely afraid of mice and rats, which is unfortunate given my affinity for living in cities where I have to see them scurrying around all the time.

10. The year after I graduated college, I was able to accomplish my lifelong dream of working in Manhattan. I absolutely loved the city, but the actual job left a lot to be desired and ultimately did not work out, but I am very happy for the time I spent there.

11. I am a proud Fightin’ Texas Aggie and have fun telling all my friends here about all our traditions. Gig ‘em!

12. I’m close to my siblings, especially my brother Mark. He understands me better than anyone else. Even though we don’t live in the same place, we talk every day and I tell him everything (even things I am sure he wishes I would not tell him!).

13. I am a little obsessed with “Sex and the City” and even have a Pomeranian named Mr. Big. I HATE when people call it “ Sex IN the City.”

14. I was raised in a very strict Southern Baptist family and was very active in church, and now I work for a national pro-choice group.

15. I have always been petrified of singing in front of people.

16. When I was 13, my mom let me be in the room when she gave birth to my youngest brother Joey. It gave me a greater love and respect for her, but talk about great birth control!

17. I'm half Irish and I like to put o' in front o'things.

18. I am very crafty. I make gift baskets, diaper cakes, and even elaborate edible cakes (although I don’t really enjoy making and icing real cakes and only do it for people who are REALLY special to me!).

19. I hate blow-drying my hair. I have started treating myself to blowouts from time to time. I also hate ironing clothes.

20. I have a remarkable memory – it is both a blessing and a curse!

21. I don’t like beer – and yes, I have tried different kinds and no, you are not going to change my mind with your favorite brew. Vodka and whiskey suit me just fine!

22. When I am bored, stressed, or anxious I pick my fingers. My grandfather says the condition of my hands is a reliable indicator of how happy I am in my life. To this day, he always looks at my hands before he asks me how I am doing.

23. I am blessed to have my dream job right now and am frankly a bit of a workaholic…and I’m not going to apologize about that!

24. I think sweet tea is the nectar of the gods.

25. Someone once described me as being more spice than sugar.