Friday, July 31, 2009

Adventures at the Bottom Line

You never know what you will encounter during a night at the Bottom Line. KB and Tom and I go there quite a bit. It's the official bar of Tom's rugby team, and generally a great time. KB and I have been stopping by sans rugby team lately for some mid-week drinking since it's close to work and we like the bartender and Wednesday is Mexican Hump Day. A few weeks ago we were there and there was a group of people who kept going outside to watch a guy try to toss a tennis ball over one of the buildings across the street in downtown. It was amusing. Lots of betting and trash talking and just silliness.

This week, we made it to the Line after an evening of wine-tasting. Things were pretty normal until this girl came and sat down a few stools away from us. She seemed normal and vaguely familiar. Apparently she made some remark about KB and me being on our phones, but I let it slide. Then she did something I haven't seen...well at least not outside of an elementary school cafeteria. She started eating and drinking condiments. No food, just the condiments. She scooped out several heaping dollops of Grey Poupon (with a drinking straw), then a few squirts of ketchup and her grand finale was ordering several shots of malt vinegar. After drinking them from a shot glass, she started rubbing the vinegar all over her face proclaiming that it's so good for your skin. It was a freakshow. I really have no idea what was going on. I am sure I was gawking. It was just so weird. And I don't think she was homeless. Just another night at the Line...


KB said...

Question,,,,, Have you ever been to the Bottom Line?

What a freak show! I can vouch this is a true story! Love some Line!

Diana said...

I think that you were just on a MTV show for being punked or a joke was played on you.