Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just 10 months since my last post...

It has officially been one year since I moved to DC, and while I have been remiss in updating my blog, it has been a busy year. Yet, of all the things I have in my life, I still don’t have balance.

I have an amazing job. I believe in what I am doing and am challenged by the work. I feel like myself again. For so long I held jobs where I was miserable and didn’t care about what I was doing. I went to work to log in my 8 hours and watched the clock the entire time. I wasn’t inspired to go above what was expected and I wasn’t the woman I wanted to be. And while things are great on that front, as the saying goes: “you can’t have it all.”

It’s Thanksgiving and for the first time in years I didn’t eat the traditional turkey with family or friends. In fact, it’s just me, Mr. Big, and a bottle of wine. It’s funny how one part of your life can be so great and headed in the right direction, and the rest so stunted.