Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bands, buses, and boys

It's been too long since my last post, and since I'm still awake, I thought I'd remedy that. It's been a busy few weeks. Lots of work and late nights and some fun going out nights too. Since my last blog, I went to see Incubus, went on a really fun tubing trip in Virginia, and have lately been a magnet for interesting men.

Incubus was great although Tom and I felt pretty old being there. We had read the pavilion rules that clearly said no outside alcohol or tailgating so we weren't prepared, but luckily Tom had some beers and a bottle of wine (and a corkscrew) in the car. Way to be prepared Mr. Merchant Marine. What's even funnier is that in a parking lot full of high schoolers blatantly boozing by their cars, Tom and I felt the need to hide our tailgating--like we were the ones that would get busted in that crowd! So I ended up having to drink my red wine out of a used Burger King cup, but it was a fun show and they played all their hits from my college years.

For tubing we joined a big group and rented a party bus to drive us to the river and back home. We had a great crew, and even a first-timer who fell in love with tubing. I was a Nazi with the sunscreen and luckily my fair skin didn't burn. Lots of mimosas, vodka and gatorades, sun, and a pit stop at Five Guys made for a really fun, but exhausting Saturday. After that I didn't even rally and go was off to bed for me.

Lately I have been discussing with some of my friends the idea that you either have lots of guys calling you or none...why is it all or nothing? Feast of famine? When it rains it pours....This phenomenon has plagued several of my girlfriends and lately me as well. I don't know what it was about the last week, but it seems to be raining men. I have met a new one every night I've been out. Of course none of these men have amounted to anything more than a one-time flirtation at a bar. Even if I did give them my number, I am notorious for not answering. Silly boys, don't you know I only want men who ignore me! Still, it's been pretty fun. The odd thing is that after nearly two years of being single, I have just started to say out loud that I may actually be ready for a relationship again. Admittedly, there are aspects of having a boyfriend that I miss. However, each time I met one of these guys, all I kept screaming inside was "I don't want to date anyone!"  Maybe that has just become my nice's not you, it's me...I just ended a long relationship. Or maybe I just don't want to date them